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Written Task 2 using a book not part of the syllabus?

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My English teacher is very good, but she apparently got a little messed up with the IB guides. 
The guide explains that the WT2 is a critical essay in response to a book covered in the syllabus. My options are pretty limited, as I find our entire syllabus boring as hell, it's all about black people, colonialism, and african culture. Besides, our books are very odd and inaccessible to read, such as Jane Eyre and Wide Sargasso Sea. 
My teacher said that if I don't feel enormously enthusiastic about any of these, I could pick a book of my own that I felt could help me to explain colonialism and imperialism. I love The Time Machine, and so I am already halfway my essay, and the first draft is fue this Friday. 


Then started to creep me the fear that the IB could penalize me for using a book not covered in class. My doesn't have the slightest doubt that this is possible, but there is nothing specifically referring this alternative in the guide. If crap goes wrong, who's going to be liable for not doing as stated in the guide? 


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