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IB Subject Selection ?

Hi there.

I am about to choose my IB subjects and I wanted to make sure that I was taking the right subjects.

I do want to learn dentistry when I go to uni.


HL Subjects


Mathematics (A Definite - Maths Is A Big Strength)




SL Subjects



Mandarin ab initio



Are these the right subjects for me if I want to become a dentist? Do I need to make some changes? Is taking two HL Science courses hard?



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It very much depends on the specific subject requirements of the university you want to apply to. Although, with Biology HL and Chemistry HL, you will pretty much be set for anything relating to the biological sciences, i.e. medicine, dentistry, biochemistry etc.

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First things first, HL courses are MEANT to be challenging so no matter what you take (whether it be two humanities, two languages, two sciences, combinations...etc.) they're going to be difficult. That being said, as long as you are up for the workload (inevitable no matter what you take) and if you need to take the courses, which I would suggest if you want to go into dentistry then sure two HL sciences sounds great.


But at the same time, HL Math, Biology and Chemistry is a pretty time-consuming schedule. Mind you, I'm not saying it's impossible, it's been done by many students but just know that you're not in for a casual stroll in the park. 


If you feel that it may be too challenging, I would suggest maybe making one of your languages HL and then moving Chem to SL if anything but if you're up for what you've written above (and I suggest you look at the course outlines, skim the syllabus of each, check what you'll be doing throughout the semester knowing that your three HL's are what will be taking up most of your time in grade 12 before you sign up for them) then go for it :)

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