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Which maths i should take for Hospitality

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i want to major in hospitality but i am confused whether i should take math sl or math studies, (just some bg info, i am very bad at math, i usually get a 4 at the end of the semester). does math matter in hospitality? or do they focus more on the total ib score? do most hospitality schools have a requirement for minimum math sl?


however, these are the choices i have submitted


History HL

Business & Management HL

English HL

Bahasa Indonesia SL

Chemistry SL

Math Studies SL


thank you!

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Well I think you need to look at some specific schools that you're interested in and then ask their admissions office what they look for, whether they recognize IB and what maths course they prefer. But if it doesn't matter too much, and you say you're not too big on math, then take Math Studies and do well. 

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