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Is my history IA topic a good idea?

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My topic that I would like to focus on for the history IA is the Rwandan Genocide in 1994. So far, my question is...


What caused the tensions between the Hutu and Tutsi ethnic groups in Rwanda in the early 1990’s to increase and lead to genocide?


I'm afraid that it is too broad and the answer can easily be found in the textbook. (Teacher said not to ask a question that can be easily answered by


reading a textbook)... Can anyone suggest any improvements that I could make? And how specific is too specific?



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Yeah I think it's too broad because there are many factors to look at. Maybe focus on one specific factor that helped escalate tensions among the Hutus and the Tutsi and then look at the extent to which that specific factor played the most important part in escalating tensions and leading to the Rwandan genocide (if you phrase the question like that, you can argue different sides to it)? As long as your question is specific enough, you can find enough info when you do your research and is something that can be debated by historians, then you should be ok. If you still have doubts, you could ask your teacher for feedback. 


And you know a question is too specific when you can answer it in like a few sentences. A good question is somewhere in the middle (leaning more towards the specific end of the spectrum): not too broad so you don't end up writing a novel and not too narrow so you don't end up with an insufficient amount of writing. 

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