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Literature HL vs SL

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I am doing English litrerture A1 HL and getting band 5.

Will I be better off doing SL?  Will I get better grade if I do SL?



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Are you sure you'll be allowed to change now? Or is English your fourth higher level?


It honestly depends on what subject you plan on moving to HL in lieu of literature. If it's a group 3 (like economics or psychology) or group 2 subject then I'd definitely considering switching it to HL if you think you'll do better in it - there isn't much difference between HL/SL so you should be able to catch up with the work you've missed. If it isn't then you're probably better off stick with English literature as there isn't much difference between SL/HL English literature. Just practice more if you're not happy with a 5 and I'm sure you'll be able to push your grade up to a 6 or 7 (although a 7 is really hard to get in English..)


Yes, you'll probably be able to get a higher grade in SL since the marking criteria is slightly easier. I can't really say but you probably will be better off if you a) hate English and would prefer to take another subject at higher level b) need a higher score for university and/or a 5 in english doesn't meet the entry requirements of the university you're interested in. 

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