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Hey guys,

I have kind of messed up things in my life. I wanted to study medicine since I was 6. I wanted to be a surgeon, but then... I took Math Studies SL and that resulted in me not being able to take Chemistry any level (and to be honest, I kind of suck at it). I have Bio HL though, and (don't judge) pretty low score (30) due to my sickness and the number of abscences. I don't care what I have to do, but is it possible for me to study medicine anywhere in my situation? I have undergrad scholarship (if I go to US), but then what, is it possible if I preform well as undergrad to get a scholarship for med scchool? I don't care about the years, time, amount of work... In my school they're discouraging us from studying medicine since I'm not from US, and therefore I can't pay for the studies. Any advices? What to do? Where to go? Thanks!

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I won't be able to vouch for this but I'm pretty sure medical schools don't consider high school marks most of the time for admission.  They usually only look at your marks from undergrad.  Regarding your Chem problem, are there summer school programs where you live? I know in Canada you can usually take a summer school course if you were unable to take it in the IB.  Even though this would just be the regular non-IB course, at least it's something right?

For your question on where to go for undergrad, I'd suggest you pursue the career your heart desires.  Honestly, you will actually enjoy what you will be learning, and next thing you know, you'll be able to pay your debts in no time! Although I'm making it sound quite simplistic, I'm sure by doing what you have wanted to do all your life, you will be a lot happier in the long term!  8-)  :)   

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