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English Category 3: LGBT in the media

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Hi everyone!


So the EE process has started in my school, and my supervisor wants an outline and focused topic and research question for our next meeting in a few weeks. Year 1 finals start soon though, so I want to figure this out before diving into revision mode.


The main reason I picked English was to research something related to LGBT characters in the media, because the topic interests me a lot and I'll most likely enjoy doing the research. There's a lot I could potentially do, but right not I'm thinking of looking into queer coding, which is a phenomenon where a character is given stereotypes associated with gay/lesbian people without explicitly mentioning sexuality. I think it'd be interesting to take a look at how villains are queer coded in Disney (inspired by a post I saw on Tumblr). To do so I could take a look at how Scar, General Ratcliffe, Ursula, Jaffar, etc are portrayed, and why this could be done.


The main thing I want to talk about in my EE is how queer stereotypes are often associated with villainous behaviour in the media, and its history and impacts. To do this I'm thinking of focusing on one movie. I'm wondering whether this is too broad/vague, or if I won't have enough content to write about for my idea so far. I don't know if it needs more development either. So basically;


1) Should I focus on one villain, or more? Which one(s) do you think will make for the most interesting analysis (maybe two I could contrast)? Should I find a focus beyond Disney?

2) Am I headed in the right direction with my research topic or do I need to shift course a little to find a more valid one? How much potential does this have as an extended essay?


Any advice would be much appreciated!  :D

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Hey there. I know that you're probably done with your EE by now, and I was just wondering how it went? As a rising yr 2 student of the IB who is doing her EE in english cat 3 I was wondering if I could ask you for advice or tips? Anything at all would be useful. Thank you so much! 

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