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2016 IB Syllabi?

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Hi Guys! :)

I've found it difficult to find some of the new syllabi online could anyone post files or links to where These could be gotten for everyone who is also looking for them :P

Even just for the basic subjects, like math, literature, physics, economics, etc

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I know this won't be too useful to you, but B&M, Theatre, Visual Arts and Philosophy also have new syllabi for 2016 examination!


B&M: http://www.sbsischool.com/subj-pdf/Business%20Management%20Guide%202016.pdf


Philo: http://www.sevenoaksphilosophy.org/downloads/philosophy2016.pdf


Theatre: http://www.southville.edu.ph/opencms/export/sites/default/Southville/v2/Webpages/Academics/IB/IB_CourseGuide/Theater_Arts_Guide_xIB_1x.pdf


I couldn't find the Visual Arts guide, but I do have it downloaded for anyone who wants it! (PM me)


Oh and here's the Bio syllabus!


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I'm pretty sure most subjects are changing (have changed) their syllabus, applicable starting in the 2016 examinations

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