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Do You Think this Question is too Broad?

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HI Question: 


"To what extent was the failure of the Bay of Pigs Invasion in 1961 due to the military mistakes made by President Kennedy?"


Failure due to his mistakes: 

  • Refused to provide CIA with all sixteen bombers, only allowed eight
  • Cancelled second round of airstrikes
  • Assumed locals would help the invaders

Failure not due to his mistakes:

  • The plan to invade Cuba was made by Eisenhower and the CIA
  • The first series of airstrikes did not achieve desired effect
  • Cubans knew of the incoming invasion beforehand


What do you guys think about the focus of the question? Also, do I have enough information to work with?


Any feedback is greatly appreciated! :)

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I think you need some more information. But the question seems OK to me. Not totally sold, but it seems pretty good. 

Best of luck :)

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