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Paper 2 questions that always come up

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Hey peeps :)

I have my paper 2 English sl exam in one weeks time :o

From people who have already written it before: are there topics or themes in the questions which always tend to come up in the exams?

Like the timelessness of the work or violence or ???

Thanks. â¤ï¸â¤ï¸

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Mariekur: If you are doing Language and Literature, then "context" will be a key term. All questions will ask you to consider your works in terms of context of production and context of reception. How has the work been received by readers/audiences over time? How are ideas conveyed and represented by a writer for particular effects?


If on the other hand you are studying English A: Lit. then make sure you understand how your works are works of art -- not windows onto reality -- and also how they conform to the genre. You'll be ready for just about any question they throw at you once you understand this. So for example, and very broadly, how do authors convey ideas artistically? How is freedom represented in a novel?


Combine these two and you get:


": How do the authors of at least two works use conventions of the novel/poem/non-fiction (memoir) to convey ideas of "freedom"?


Have fun with this  :P

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