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Business and Management Exams - May 2015

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As you all know, its hardly a week more before the boards commence, I am a BM HL student and confused how to study for the exams.

I have revised the entire book but now finding it difficult as to how to practice for the Finals.

I also want to know some recommendations and tips regarding how to score maximum score band for an answer.

My teacher said that for the long questions, we need to support every point with giving a solution for the same, is it true...?

Keeping in mind the time, how much to write is another big question. I write considerably a lot but what is the optimum requirement of a 6-9 mark question? Hoping for kind replies bcoz I am sure I am not the lone one who is facing such problems..

Thanking you in anticipation  




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I would say if you've finished studying the textbook and understanding/learning/memorising all the concepts, it would probably be most useful to now do practice questions and past papers - especially in exam conditions, so you can practice managing your time to cover everything. For long questions, my view is that it's best to write a paragraph or two about the advantages/support what's being proposed/what you propose, then another paragraph or two about the disadvantages/arguments against it, and finally a concluding paragraph summing up where you should also express which side you think is stronger/provide the best solution and why. Whether you need to give a solution for a question depends on what the question is asking, but generally I find most long questions are seeking for you to do an evaluation of some sort, which will require some kind of solution. For 6-9 mark questions I'd be aiming for at least one page (depending on your handwriting size), but you've probably heard this before: it's definitely quality over quantity! 


This is just from my experience, but hope this helps! 

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