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URGENT Biology SL IA Topic Help! :(

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Hi all, 


We have to submit our research question for our Biology (SL) IA's tomorrow and I have no idea what to do! I'm interested in enzymes and photosynthesis but anything I have come up with is too simple, broad or complex. Can you guys please help me think of a RQ? Thank you so much. :)

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I can't give you your RQ, but I can say keep it simple, and don't interpret the results wrongly.


Make sure your question has a defined variable you're changing and a defined result.


i.e. for enzyme, it would be something like "how does the change in temperature affect the amount of substrate broken down by X enzyme over a period of time?"

The two variables here are temperature & time.


In determining some parameters for your question, you should probably be running some pretests. Personally, I think enzymes are more easy to use in RQ as their results tend to be more substantial than photosynthesis (where measuring stuff like oxygen given off can be a fair bit fiddly)

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