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Biology HL (urgent?)

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Hi, I have a really urgent question about HL biology (because exams are in a week). 


I'm in Bio HL, and my teacher told us that we will be tested on every single unit in the entire textbook on the exam. If this is some kind of like motivational thing to get us to study, it's fine. But honestly he walked in today and told us that we haven't done like 5 of the units because our optional units were D and E and apparently we were supposed to have done A-C as well as the D and E (because we're HL and we have to do all the mandatory SL units too???)  :o


I've googled this and nothing has shown anything totally solid. Like I love bio and I don't mind really the entire textbook, but with this time constraint, I'd like to just focus on the 11 units. 


tl;dr, in HL biology, are you required to do the SL optional units as well as the HL units?? 


Literally any help would be appreciated I'm freaking out!  :(


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Umm I'm in HL bio, and I thought you only needed two options for the exams?? On the paper 3, it indicates that you only need to answer two of the sets of option questions. 

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