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General, and more specific Chemistry EE questions

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1. If what I what to know has been researched by a university or similar organization, can I still do the experiment (not replicating theirs, but to find the same hypothesis or do it in a similar way, ie. I wanted to see if alcohol does actually "cook out"; Univeristy of Idaho did research on this already) 


2. Similarly, if what I want to know has been researched and there seems to be a general consensus but also a large opposition to the idea, can I do it? (For example 70% people, government research backs it up but 30% people and say the rebel university says otherwise) 



And after brainstorming a while I think I'd like to explore something along the lines of...

(hopefully none of these have a simple answer that I'm not aware of)


- the heat needed to destroy capsaicin; if it's possible to remove the spiciness within normal cooking temperatures/times

- ^same idea, but with alcohol 

- can capsaicin be neutralized by common acids used in cooking (I read that someone had a burning feeling on their elbow when using capsaicin cream, and with vinegar it was gone)


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