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Chemistry Exam Tips?

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Hey y'all!


As most of us know, exams start next week (ahh!). I was wondering, for all of you chemistry students out there, if you have any specific chemistry exam studying, reviewing...etc. tips for us newbies.


And I mean the stuff other than:

- Writing past exams

- Question banks

- Going over tests


I know for me, my biggest issue is probably figuring out where to start studying each day without getting overwhelmed by how much we've done in the course. So maybe tips on stress management for chemistry, theory review, how to understand the IB phrasing of Chemistry questions (seriously, it's kind of confusing, or maybe it's just me) and whatnot.


Thank you!

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Look at the assessment statements, they tell you exactly what you need to know. There are videos on YouTube covering each assessment statement. You can find links to my videos below.

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Hey! I tested in HL Chem May 2014 and did pretty well (a couple points away from a 7). What worked the best for me was time management; I basically planned out every hour of my day from beginning or mid-April through May. It sounds crazy and like unnecessary micromanagement, but it really helped me to stop feeling so overwhelmed and start studying.


For example, I would write out a calendar and Monday, Wednesday, and Friday were my HL Chem study days while Tuesday and Thursday were my HL Bio study days. Then my schedule for Monday specifically would be something like:

3-4pm take a break after school

4-6pm Review Chem Topic 4 and 14

6-7:30pm Dinner/break

7:30-9pm Paper 1 Practice test


However, this only works if you actually stick with the schedule once you've made it. The key to studying is not to ask yourself "how much time will this take," but to ask "how much time do I have/can I spend doing this." Managing my time in this way really helped me stay on task and get through all the things I wanted to do for the day. Of course, you have to set somewhat realistic time limits, but it works. I personally always over estimated by a bit, and that way when I finished something early, it felt really good to know I was on schedule and that my studying goals were more than doable. It also felt more rewarding this way.


One final really important tip is to make sure you SLEEP. This only works if you have already been studying, but sleep will help you focus more for the test and will thus help you perform better. It'll also solidify everything you were studying in the day. If you have been studying for several hours and feel the need to also pull an all-nighter, please do yourself a favor by opting out and just going to sleep. I cannot tell you how many times even in college both undergrad and grad students have told me about how they got the same score on a test regardless of whether they pulled an all-nighter or not.

All in all, studying is great and encouraged, but don't forget to take care of yourself!


Hope some of this helped. Good luck! :)

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