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Math IA help!

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hey guys!! 

Im currently doing math SL's IA, and got some ideas but not sure if they allow sustain investigation :I

If anyone can give a  tiny little feedback(s), then please!!! any!!!




1) Modeling earthquake

   question: log can be involved by richer scale, any other suggestions?   


2) swimming and math: surface area and buoyancy?!

  question: too simple?


3) Possibility of hitting a jackpot using combination 

  question: which mathematical area can i use from ?

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Hey! Well for the second topic i cannot be of any help, but for topic, about the log and earthquakes, it is definitively something you can do 

but No, the Richer scale is only one of the ways, and it isn’t even the most updated version. In the current days an even more utilized way to measure earthquakes is through the moment magnitude scale. The moment magnitude scale was invented by Tom Hanks and Hiroo Kanamori in 1979, and it is a scale that was created later to succeed the Richer scale, based on numbers from 1-10, measures the magnitude of an earthquake by the amount of energy released. It also uses logarithms within the equation.


The symbol for the moment magnitude scale (MMS) is;

and the equation used is;

where  is the seismic moment (used to measure the size of the earthquake in Joules or Newton)


also for question three you would probably want to concentrate on statistics and probability :) 

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