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History EE - Abolition of Samurai's social status - Help needed

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I might need some help with writing my EE. The research question is; to what extent was the abolition of the privileged social status of the Samurai responsible for the War of the Southwest during the early stages of the Meiji Restoration in 1877


Firstly to share with you all what I have done so far:

I have divided it into three parts;


1.Background information

-what happened before it led to this, how was Japan like compared to today (I want to take the reader by the hand and explain everything necessarily in detail, instead of throwing into the mess)


2.Viewpoint 1 (because I used 'to what extend', I must state more than one view point)


3.Viewpoint 2


This is basically the structure of my essay (excluding abstract, intro and conclusion). For some reason, I have a problem with writing the essay, every time I start something I delete it straight away for various reasons.

Additionally, I don't know what information to exclude or to include. I narrowed it down as much as possible, but still there is so much (which is no surprise) information out there, which is overwhelming me.


To those of you, who have completed (or are still writing) the EE, would you please be so kind and get me on the right track.

Also, are there any sources (websites, books, etc.) you'd recommend.


Thanks in advance  :D  :D


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