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Bad writing - Apparently I write the way I speak (French)

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Sooo apparently I write the things you can only say verbally...and that gave me a bad mark on a mock paper 2 exam. Since our teacher was really bad, I/we have no idea what's the proper writing style. I know you can't say il y a but that's about it.... where can I find easy to understand resorces on this?


Also because it's getting close to exam time, should I remember a small list (3-9) of relatively simple connectors and stuff to use frequently (tant que, c'est-a-dire, pourtant) or would it be more beneficial to remember fewer but more complicated things? (like 1-3 WOW phrases)



And, as last resort, are fancy verbs more important or fancy connectors? I'm busy remembering a lot of vocab and its hard to remem all the stuff

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If you dont learn words as being colloquial, oral words right from the start, it's hard to retrace your steps and find out which ones are appropriate for writing.


But basically, just think logically. If you were to write "me, i find that ...."  (moi... je trouve que...) that would be oral rather than written because the "me" is casual. (In an english essay you wouldn't write that) You would replace it with the formal structure for "according to me" which is d'après moi. Now it's too late to reconsider everything, so think about it in english even though it's not ideal.


Also, don't use oral fillers and random expressions that are there to embellish speech.

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