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UCLA and UCB requirements for Economics/Finance

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Hi All,

I've been thinking of applying to UCLA (University of California Los Angeles) or UCB (University of California at Berkeley), and am thinking of going into Economics or Finance. I was wondering if anyone knows the requirements for this college. Currently, I have 3 5s and 3 6s. 

My subjects are:

Economics HL

History HL

English Lang/Lit HL

Math SL

Physics SL

French ab initio.


So does anyone know the requirements? 


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What ShootingStar has posted is the Transfer credit chart. It's pretty cool because you can get 30 credits for a 30+ score on the diploma, which will allow you to graduate much earlier. 


As for requirements, the UC system wants students to take "a-g" courses in high school: 



If you're taking IB, most of these subject requirements are naturally fulfilled. You'll also need SATs and fill out those personal profiles. 


Good luck, I applied there a year ago for Engineering - waitlisted at one and accepted at the other. 

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American universities generally speaking don't have *requirements* for courses like UK universities do. Both are very competitive universities so you'll need to have high test scores (ACT/SAT I - and subject tests if they require them), high school grades*, good extracurriculars (depth>breadth) good essays and letters of recommendations (if they require them). 


You should note that UCLA doesn't offer an undergraduate finance major, UCB does though. However you're not directly admitted to the Haas business school (you apply during your sophomore year) so do take that into consideration - it was a deal breaker for me so I'm only planning on applying to colleges that directly admit you to their business school as a freshman. Getting into Haas is very difficult as you can see from the acceptance rate and average GPA of admitted students (also keep in mind that those that were admitted are likely to be involved in extracurriculars and what not): https://haas.berkeley.edu/Undergrad/class_profile.html. If not being able to major in finance isn't a deal breaker then definitely apply if you're interested in UCLA and UCB. 


*My friend was admitted to UCLA this year and was predicted a 36/42 - the counselor said she was the lower spectrum of accepted students grades wise (i.e. UCLA was a reach). So you'll need to increase those grades if you want to have a decent chance of getting in. 


Good luck :)  

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