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Differential equations - are they required for Math HL May 2015?

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Hey Everyone!


Since some time I've been wondering whether first-order differential equations are required from us on Math HL exam this May. I came across past exam questions which either explicitly stated "solve differential equation..." or required it in the method, such as the one which I attached to this post.


I looked through the new syllabus and solving differential equations is not stated there in the "calculus" section. Moreover, in my Math book (Pearson HL Mathematics) the chapter "16.9 Differential equations" is marked as "optional". However, my Math teacher said that we may get such questions on our exam.


I must say that I didn't really practice solving those, because we didn't do it in class. Looking through the chapter in my book I don't really find it difficult, but I want to make sure whether to consider this method when sitting the May exam or not.


So one more time, are differential equations required?






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