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I am currently struggling with my Research question fro my EE in psychology.


I intent on doing it on dreams or something related to unconscious mind so I had come up with the topic

- 'How does our unconscious mind channel our dream state'


but my supervisor tells me to look at the 'function' of dreams, if I am so keen.

She says that dream psychology is not a very 'knowable' field, and is hard to find valid research studies, so it would be better if I could come up with a different topic altogether.


However I feel I can come up with a good essay as I am deeply interested in this topic. 


Please suggest any ideas on how I can approve upon the same. 

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One of the important things to take note when doing a Psychology EE/IA is that you'd have to adequately reference a research study that has already been done by an established researcher.

Although you might be interested in a particular topic, it's more important that you can find valid sources to support your claims.

As a psychology student, dreams are not in the psych syllabus (unless it's in one of the options that I didn't study) and thus you'd have to rely entirely on stuff that you read online, which sometimes may not be accurate.

If you do decide on following your teacher's advice and writing about function, I feel that there will be some elements of physiology (neurons repairing themselves, and forming new connections) which should be easier since there have been scientific investigations into this field.



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