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Is the IB diploma solely dependent on CAS/TOK/EE and your EXAM marks?

i don't understand how it is graded since there are 2-3 papers per subject within th eexam. 

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I'm pretty sure it's the exam marks and the IA and major presentations/World Lit in English also count towards your final mark. 

Assuming, I understand your question correctly, each paper is worth part of a percentage (i.e. chemistry, Paper 1 = 20%, Paper 2 = 36% and Paper 3 = 20% while the IA is worth 24%) that make up your final IB grade. 


CAS, TOK and the EE go towards the points if you get a high enough grade (I believe, an A or B for EE and TOK). 


Not sure if that answered your question...

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the fact that your asking this question and it says your exams are may 15 (now) is really worrying...


your final mark is dependent on your subjects and the marks you get in each subject and the tok/ee matrix. in each subject there are internally assessed assessments (ia) and externally assessed assessments (EA, final exams, WA etc). each assessment is weighted differently and your final grade in each subject is out of 7. if you look in subject guides it tells you what each assessment is worth like how ibtrojan broke down chemistry. 


cas doesn't give you any points but you have to complete it and sign off or you fail ib.


for tok and ee, you get a grade from e to a. an AA or AB gives you 3 points and the rest of the point combinations go down from there. an e in either tok or ee is a fail.


in total, if your taking the diploma program you get a final mark out of 45

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