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Extended Essay-topic decision

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So I have to make a decision about my ExtendedEssay topic. I have numerous ideas, but are unsure which one would be suitable for the IB diploma. These non-refined topics (that have not been converted into questions) are:

- The French concessions in Shanghai

- the off shore detention centres and their effect on Australia's influence in the UN.

- the psychiatric literary themes in Alice in Wonderland And their profound meaning.

- The growth of communism in Tasmania

- The Aboriginal middens in Tasmania and their physical destruction after European settlement.

Thank you all ☺☺☺

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I recommend you do some research on all your topics––act as if you had to make a list of sources you'd use and see how much material there is about Tasmanian communism/etc, if there's enough to go on. Pick two-three topics you have enough references for & then come up with a narrowed down research question (or a few) for each and think which one you'd be most interested to spend 40 hours with. Also, think and ask others if your History or English teacher is a better supervisor. A good one can make all the difference. Good luck!

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