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Business IA topic dilemma

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Hey Guys,


I have shortlisted a company for my BnM IA which produces fancy steel utensils for use in the restaurants and hotels. It exports its products in many other companies. It sells to other businesses and not directly to the consumer. It employs around 2000 people and uses machines too for the production


I am keen on doing an IA which is concentrated mainly on the Marketing unit. However, I just cannot find a Research Question. Can someone please help me!!!!!!


Thanks! :D

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I am not sure if we can formulate research questions but here are some ideas...


Well, if you want to do your IA on marketing, then try looking at the marketing mix of your company, at 4Ps (product, place, price, promotion) or even 7Ps. In this regard, you can identify some drawbacks and then make a suggestion of how to get rid of them.


You might also look at the position of your company comparing to its competitors and then think of ways how their position can be improved.


You can also try creating a marketing strategy that will enable them to increase their sales revenues/reduce costs/enter another market/increase their target group of consumers... In this case research question might sound as follows: "Will that and that (marketing strategy) help company blah blah to solve their liquidity problems?"


So, what you really want to do is look at the problems that your business is facing and then deduce your research question. Possible problems:

  • Intense competition / New competitor in the market / New innovation in the market 
  • Business needs changes, e.g. enter new market, develop a new product
  • Decreased sales revenues / decreased demand
  • Dependency on seasons - the demand is not the same in different seasons

And there are even more you can think of  :)  :)  Hope this helps!

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