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Staging a Comeback in the IB

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My situation is this. I am currently in the 11th grade and will in one and a half months be done with my first year of IB. My problem is this. I started the IB at the begging of the year and did relatively alright grade wise. This easy ride ended quite quickly and left me scrambling to catch up. So the first 6 months of the IB my grades were quite bad (C's, C-'s and some D+'s) and I barely learned anything. I ended the 6 months with No grades below a C. This is alright except that I was lucky because I managed to get several streaks of A's towards the end of the semester and this balanced things out. This quarter my grades are Better (B's and B+'s) but I fear that my bad work ethic will come back to haunt me. I am wondering whether you think it is possible for someone to take charge in the middle of the program and finish the diploma with a high amount of points (e.g. 38+) and a High GPA (3.4+) if they are in the same situation as I? 


I would also appreciate if someone could recommend some tips to someone who is in my situation. Any information is highly appreciated. 

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I can't answer you yet, but I was in the same situation in my first year. I worked harder during first term of second year, and was predicted 38. I hope I can get that now in my finals.

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