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Math SL explanation videos or help?

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I have my "fake" mocks coming soon (we have mocks in IB1 so we get the feeling of the real mocks in IB2) and we didn't have a math teacher for months so I am studying on my own. I got stuck in a lot of stuff and I need someone to explain them to me but because there's no teacher so I have to look up the internet.

So do anybody have a site, Youtube channel or anything that can help me?


Note: if anybody can share the Math SL syllabus with me I would eb so grateful :)



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https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeScLgPpwj1jZnN045CcVOg?spfreload=10    -- Mitch Campbell's Youtube channel. he has playlists for some (all?) Math SL and Math Studies topics. (also physics if you are interested).


The obligatory: KhanAcademy.


Another youtube channel (not specially for IB, but in the end: math is math.): PatrickJMT


Some textbooks do a pretty good job as well. I self-taught myself two topics for Math HL using only 1 textbooks, but I understand that some people need more 'human' interaction (aka a video).


Good luck :)


PS: Past Papers, past papers, past papers.

I knew Khan was good, I didn't realise there was an IB maths channel. Thanks very much it really helps having a youtuber who teachers IB specifically!

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If you know the name of the subtopic of the topic you're studying, search it up, no need for specific youtubers honestly. They don't all cover all the topics. But a couple that do as mentioned, are khan and patrickjmt

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