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English B EE topic related to Law suggestions ?

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Hey guys 


I have recently started thinking about the Topic for my EE and I really want to write it in English B. Unfortunately I am not sure what topic I should chose as I really want to write something that interests me. As an aspiring or potential law student I would of course love to relate my EE to something to do with Legal issues or Law in general, however as my subject is english B it still has to relate to Language and Culture. Do you have any suggestions for topics I could write about? I would really appreciate any help or suggestions in regards to my title and topic!


Thank you for your feedback !


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The closest thing I can think of that relates to law would be to examine some law's impact on a cultural topic specific to an English speaking country or on the English language.

While it's up to you to come up with the topic, there's an example in the EE guide that deals with a Quebec law's effects on the French language. Perhaps you could use that as an inspirational starting point? Choose a country and see what sort of laws there are that could potentially have an impact on English or the culture, and go from there.

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