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Self taught for exams this week

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Hey guys,


Does anyone have any tips in terms of studying for self taught languages? I take Dutch A Literature SL Self taught, and really don't know how to study for paper 1 other than learn the literary devices. Also we only did texts and not poems so I wont have a choice, and I'm scared I wont understand the text which has happened before. Any help for P2 also welcome 

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Hey hey, I'm in the same boat. :( Dutch is an absolute pain!

My teacher sent me the following:
- Read the first fragment calmly and try to write a paragraph about its content.
- Read the fragment again and underline all the imagery / stylistic devices / other things that stand out.
- Plan your essay so you know what you want to say in which paragraph paragraph (provide a core sentence and explanations / examples)
- Make sure you answer the guiding questions in your commentary
- Always discuss language / stylistic devices and imagery / tone, even if not explicitly stated in the guiding questions. Also discuss its effect!
- Find other elements of interest and discuss.
- Ensure an appropriate introduction and a fitting conclusion with your personal response
- Read the general paper 1 theory thoroughly
- Study old papers and my feedback
- Study the theory of the story elements of analysis
Good luck tomorrow!
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I take Arabic A self taught. 

What I will do, 

1. Read through All Paper 1 I have. 

2. Make a list with the literary devices and terms and make sure that I understand all of them. 

3. Read through the criteria and the mark scheme, just to know what they are looking for. 

If you problem understanding the text, try to read more texts today, and if you have a problem with the language (grammar), write a text in Dutch and let someone read it and correct any mistake. 

For paper 2, make sure that you know the books you read very well, and the criteria. 

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Hi guys,


Do any of you know if the exams for Dutch language A1 are the same for self-taught student as well as taught students?

Also, do any of you know where i can find any past papers for Dutch? 

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