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What are the UK college predicted grades out of?

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I was quite confused when i saw the grade requirements for UCL. Even when someone mentioned that they called up the admissions office and found out that a 38 is the required predicted grade, I was still not sure if they required a 38/42 or 38/45 for predicted scores. 

Even though i scored pretty well in the first term with a 39/42 i did kinda mess up my second term because of various reasons such as being sick during prep and might end up getting a 35 or 36 on 42 :( . UK admissions are before the 12th grade first trials and this scares me as i'm not sure what the predicted grades will be based off of. Is there a way i can still increase my predicted grades by doing well in the next few months in class? 


So, i really wanted to know if the required predicted scores in all these UK universities are out of a total 42 or 45 and if I could still increase my predicted grades.


I know that the teachers are aware of the fact I could do much better than how i did in the second term and even told me not to worry much as they were sure I'd increase my scores. But, Im still really worried as I feel like My reach for college is gettign further and further away. :(


Really concerned and worried here :( .


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For the UK the predicted grades are out of 45 not 42 (they're out of 42 for the US). So you even if you're predicted a 35-36 you may still meet the entry requirement if you get predicted 2-3 bonus points. With that being said, you're chances of getting an offer are going to be slightly higher if you're not right at the cut-off so work on getting your scores up this term and you should be fine (assuming your personal statement is great). 

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