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Chances at Georgia Tech

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Hi guys, I got my predicted scores and was wondering whether i have a good chance at Georgia Tech for engineering (not yet sure as to what specific field... assume mechanical) (I am a US citizen)


Math SL- 7

English SL - 5

French B SL - 6

Psychology HL - 6

Chemistry HL - 7

Physics HL - 7


I took the ACT and got a 33.

34 in math

35 in science

33 in writing

31 in Critical reading

7 in essay (pretty bad essay right?)


i also took subject SATs for Math 2 and physics

Math i got 800

Physics i got 740 but I'm taking it again, hopefully a 780+ this time.


Thoughts guys?

Thanks for your time

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Engineering with Math SL? O.o . Nonetheless your ACT scores and predicted grades sound fantastic. Get some decent LOR's, don't overdo the EC's with boring redundant ones, and write a great essay and you should have a pretty good chance. 


Oh wait, you're a US citizen too. You'll definitely make it to the maybe pile, the only difference is how your personality and EC's will move you from the maybe to the accept pile. Play your cards well and you should make it! 

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We sent in our recommendation requests about a week ago and hopefully, they'll be good


And yeah, i took math SL cause i actually screwed up the placement test in the beginning of the year XD


I also took the AP Calculus test a few days ago, and i have a decent chance of getting a 4


Also, is playing an instrument actually an important aspect of college? Because I don't exactly play anything XD

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No it isn't. No college will penalize you for not being interested in music. Colleges only want to see you got involved in things that align with your interests and passions. 


Your ACT score is great and according to: http://www.admission.gatech.edu/life-tech/class-profile you're in the 75th percentile of accepted students, so that definitely helps your chances. You've got good IB scores so you've got that bit covered too. I won't chance you since I'm not an admission officer, but so long as the other bits of your application are on par you should be fine. 


Good luck! 

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I read somewhere that GT has an IB acceptance rate of around 40 - 50% (I have to double check my sources but I believe this is from a US IB report). I received slightly lower IB predictions than you and I received a wait-list offer. I think if you hand in your complete application earlier than the last date by a week or more you should have a really good chance of getting accepted.

For tech/science oriented schools, imo do not care about music specifically. They might if it shows perseverance or other qualities in you. On the other hand, having participated in few elite math/science camps are much more favored by the admissions office. 

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