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The purpose of literary devices

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So when we analyse, it's not about identifying devices/styles etc... but more about understanding the purpose of them in relation to texts.

I'm trying to make a list of the purposes of using literary devices but really need help as the info/reasons i give probably doesn't suffice




Makes lines memorable

Structure allows a uniformity

Can put emphasis on certain words

Can give a finality



Reinforces idea/theme



Keeps poem in harmony

Creates mood



To convey its message without being restricted

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 I've found that if enjambment is used the poem is describing a continuous action. So the structure reinforces the content. 


It's also hard to make a list and expect it to be much help in the exams. Sure it is great to know the techniques but the reason for using it will depend solely on the poem you have. I went with this method for paper 1 English and did pretty well. This method (Below) will also keep everything organised.


WHAT- What is conveyed?

HOW- this is where technique comes in.

WHY- this is where you really need to focus and explain why the HOW expresses the WHAT. This should be the majority of your paragraph.


Hope this helps!   

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