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HL English Literature A - Unseen Paper Help please

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Hi Guys,


I was wondering whether anyone could give me some tips on how to improve on the english lit a unseen paper. I keep getting relatively low scores and I really want to get better because this paper will be my mock and my predicted grade will be based on this. 

Many thanks in advance for your help  :D

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The best way to advance is to sit down with your teacher and do commentaries and get feedback every week (if you want to make rapid progress) or at least twice a month. But not less than that, otherwise you're wasting your time. There is no other way to do it as effectively. Without that feedback from your teacher you could be recycling weaknesses and mistakes .


In my case, my teacher always said she was " too busy" (not unusual, as I found out fromk friends in other schools), and so I got help elsewhere.


Classmates are great for encouragement when you need it, but it doesn't replace the kind of feedback your teacher gives. Make sure you get that regular practice.

Hopefully, your teacher will do this for you.   :P

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