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General Exam Questions

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Hey guys, so I'm taking my first IB exam this coming Tuesday (SL Math), and I just wanted to clarify a few questions regarding the format of the answer booklet, cover sheet, etc.


1) Do we have to number our answer booklets? 

2) When writing down the question number, do we have to write 01, 02, or is just 1, or 2 sufficient?

3) When formatting our answers on the answer booklet, if there are (i) (ii) part answers, do we have to write (a)(i) then next line, (a)(ii), (a)(iii) so on, or can you just write (a)(i) then next line (ii) then (iii) and so on? Do the parts (a), (b), © (i) all have to be in chronological order? (Because in the answer booklet guide they write (a) then next line (b)(ii))

4) What happens if you finish all questions on the answer booklet, and you come back to a question and realize that part 2© is completely wrong but everything else is right, and you have no space to write the correct answer? 

5) For Section A where you write the answers in the boxes, do they have to be strictly formatted, like a line between (a) and (b) or can you write them beside each other or just anywhere in the box if you run out of space?

6) Do we have to write our candidate number on every single page of the answer booklet or is just the first page fine?



Sorry there are a lot of questions but I'm just extremely nervous considering it's my first time writing the exam :unsure: but if you can answer any one of these questions I'll greatly appreciate it!


(also any tips about the cover sheet, answer booklet, or just the exam in general will also be greatly appreciated)


Thanks so much in advance 

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Guest Sonia

1) you dont have to number, unless it's let's say an English essay and it continues on a second booklet, you might want to make it clearer

2) you have to write 01,02,03... 10 in the boxes on the left edge of the page. the directions also tell you how you should fill the exercise number in, so dont worry too much about that

3) you should do (a) (i), then (ii) etc, but you need to leave a line or two so it is neat and clear that you are answering another subquestion. you might want to keep filling the box with the question number when starting (a)/(b) even if you have been doing that question from the beginning but you dont have to. Answers don't have to be in chronological order but at the same time it's not very organized to have 1b and 1c in completely different answer booklets :P 

4) for a wrong answer you need to clearly cross it out, ask for a second booklet and re-do it there, maybe make a note underneath the crossed out answer that you have re-wrote it on the 2nd booklet.

5) i'd say leave a line between (a) and (b), that's what you do for the answer booklets too so i suppose it also stands true for the in box answers. Try to be neat and don't write 2 more tiny lines underneath the last line :P if you feel you don't have enough space in the box, answer that question in an answer booklet but make a note in the box that you have done so.

6) the answer booklet has name and number boxes only on the first page, you dont have to keep writing it.

7) btw they also give you a 'coversheet' with all your details (name, number, subject of exam) for every exam, you attach that in front of the exam + booklets when you're done; you have to say which questions you answered in a certain section, if you had a choice (for example, in p2 Section B of the sciences), and also how many 4-page answer booklets you have used. 


Good luck on your exams, but stop panicking! Once you're done with the first one you'll realize that it's actually no big deal :P  :good:

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