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Clarification on the Exam Format

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Hi guys,


So I'll be taking my Math SL exam in a couple days and I would like to seek some clarification on the formatting of the Math SL exam. While doing mock exams, I noticed there is a fixed space (a small box) for Section A answers. Can anyone who previously took the Math SL exam or has knowledge on this topic clarify if the box given is the only space allowed for answers? On the cover sheet it says otherwise but I don't think that it is logical to fit answers for some questions that require multiple parts and work unless u divide the box into two columns which would be rather messy. Thanks to anyone who offer insight! Good luck to others writing exams as well!


. Another small question I have is how do you show the final answer on the IB exam. Is there a specific way cause I usually just put a box around my final answer. Thanks again!

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For section A you can write in the boxes and its expected that you do but if you run out of space you usually write see answer booklet and continue it in the answer booklet CLEARLY indicating the number in the red boxes on the side. The space provided is usually more than enough without having to strategically divide up the columns or anything like that. Base it off the number of points and type of question. If it is a write down the vertex and point is 2 you can infer that not much work needs to be shown. Just write it down as labelled in the question








And section A qs dont exceed more than 3 per questions. Section B which are qs 8-10 require a bit more working and steps a) to d) or e) and thus specifically asked to be done on the booklet. Either as long as you indicate where your answer is for the examiner to easily find and follow it then its fine. But remember if you make them jump around too much they might get irked or lose track of the steps.

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