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Recognition of IB Maths Studies

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Dear all,


I am  from MARA College Banting, Malaysia. I am currently in the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme and will be continuing my degree in 2016.


I’m interested in reading law (Bachelor of Law, LLB Hons. - UCAS Code: M100) during my degree programme. Below is my subject combination at both Higher Level (HL) and Standard Level (SL).


  1. English B (HL)
  2. Economics (HL)
  3. Business Management (HL)
  4. Malay A (SL)
  5. Chemistry (SL)
  6. Mathematical Studies (SL)


Before changing my subject from Maths SL to Maths Studies SL, I've emailed admissions team from various universities in UK, including Oxbridge, and the top universities for law course like LSE, King's College, Warwick and Manchester. They said they are okay with Maths Studies, because I'll be applying for law. (Which I feel, logically, law doesn't need maths) 


After 6 months I changed my subject, I have recently been told that most universities in the UK including the top universities in the country do not recognize Mathematical Studies (SL) and that they prefer Maths (SL) even when applying for Law. To confirm again with the universities, my teacher told me to email them again about the requirement. So today, I emailed the same universities and up till now, only one replied me (Churchill's Cambridge). Admission team from Churchill's Cambridge told me there isn't any specific subject required to apply for law course, and they don't really bother about SL subjects. Therefore, I assumed that they are okay with Maths Studies SL.


So my questions are:


1. Is the email from university admissions team reliable? 

2. If any of you had experience with maths studies thingy, do you think maths studies for Bachelor of Law (LLB Hons.) in UK is acceptable? I'm not interested in doing other law (law with business, law with criminology etc.)

3. Is Maths Studies being recognized to enter UK Universities for Social Science courses such as law?


The reason I asked the first question is some of my friends questioned it to me so I'm just asking on behalf of them. I personally believe emails from universities admissions team are reliable and can be trusted, since they are the one who will be choosing us to enter their unis.


Thank you for your help & opinions!

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I can assure you, unless a certain level of Math is specifically required for your course, Math Studies is definitely recognised by UK universities. 


For a lot of fields even math HL is required, naturally many STEM fields, and other mathematically heavy courses such as economics etc. 


I feel because there are so many courses for which Math HL is required, that math studies has wrongfully gained a bad reputation. 



For law, math isn't really a relevant course and if you perform well in all the subjects that you have, they will consider you for it without a doubt. (Especially since you're studying two social science subjects at HL)


I did Math Studies myself, and I was unsure whether I should apply for law or business related programmes. My guidance councillor told me that because of my high predicted grades (40 from the 6 subjects), I would make a good prospect student for law at LSE and Oxbridge alike. 


Thus, I would be inclined to say an excellent overall score is more important than Math SL vs. Math Studies for a law degree. 

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