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Need help with HL Chemistry and HL Biology?

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Well I'll start by saying good luck to whoever is still taking exams and congratulations to everyone who already took them! I hope everything went well and I'm sure you'll make it to the college of your dreams!

Now I'll proceed to what I need help with, again... people, I have messed up... really bad... I've had 29 points for term 2, when I am in desperate need for at least 34-38 to make it into any good university... I have HL Biology, Chemistry, Psychology SL Maths, Spanish and English. I messed up by choosing chemistry, a subject I absolutely hate but to take Veterinary Medicine/Sciences in a good college apparently need. I had a 2 in every test, despite studying my ass off. And somehow made a 3 for the term grades. My first teacher was great, but got pregnant and now my new teacher sucks and probably won't get pregnant anytime soon so I have to deal with that. I'm currently studying Energetics, and whilst not understanding anything from this subject, I now realized I haven't understood anything since the beginning. I need a 666 in my three HL subjects, I also suck at Biology where my teacher does his best to not give me full points for all questions I answer. I need tips on how to deal with this? How do I improve my grades and what are the most important parts of chemistry and biology exams?

Thank you very much for those that read through!


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I can help you out with bio HL. First, have a really solid understanding of your command terms and remember that it's not memorization. It's understanding and linking the concepts together. Look at how much each question is worth to have a vague idea of what they want for written response. Just do what the command term asks for and don't do more than that. For example, if it says state the factors that affect transpiration, just put down stuff such as wind, temperature, light, humidity. Don't spend extra time explaining each factor because you will not get bonus marks for that. Here are some command terms: http://www.slideshare.net/gurustip/command-terms-in-ib-biology


And: you could also go on this website: http://www.ib.bioninja.com.au/ib-home/


It has questions from old IB exams and model answers as well. 


For chem, since I'm in SL, I can't help much, but check this out: https://www.youtube.com/user/richthornley


Hope this helps :) 

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