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Written Task 2

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So my question for this written task 2 is "How could The Reader be read and interpreted differently by a Jew and a German guard post WWII?" but im not sure about how i should structure it. Could someone help me out because im not sure if i should rotate between both points of views of if i should do it from my own point of view of how i feel they would react??? SOS

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It is possible ... But these groups lend themselves to stereotype and cliché  -- and your response will generate a lot of pure guess-work. 


It would be easier and more reliable to take a literary theory approach (have you done any of these in class? -- for example Marxism, Feminism, Psychoanalysis) which will be less personal and subjective than imagining what "any Jew" or German might or could say. 


A more reliably representative and "researchable" group would be the ideal.

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