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Swedish A Lang Lit / Lit Exam Discussion

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Hi! Thought it'd be interesting to discuss both P1 and P2 in Swedish A. I'm doing Swe A HL Lang & Lit.


What texts did you choose for analyzing in P1 and what are your general thoughts? I chose the two last texts, the one about emigration from Sweden to the US and the chronicle about moving out when you're young. There was sooo much to say about the first text and almost no stylistic devices or such in the second one which made it really unbalanced for me. 


For P2 I question number six, which was something like "Texters betydelse pÃ¥verkas bÃ¥de av det sammanhang de skrev i och det de läses i", and I used "Dvärgen" and "Ett dockhem" in the discussion. That question kind of forced you to really discuss context, which is basically what criterion C is all about (which I find the hardest to incorporate if the question doesn't specifically ask for it!) The questions were actually really good in my opinion, seeing as I felt as if I could produce good essays for at least 3 of them! What question did you choose? 


All Lang Lit SL students and literature students are more than welcome to post about their thoughts as well :-) 

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It actually went pretty well, although I wasn't too fond of the text pairs in paper 1. I also chose the last ones and I agree that the two contexts were perfect in terms of comparison in text C and D. What I did for text D in language and style was to basically connect the layout of the website with its purpose, as the layout was very typical for that specific text type and highlights the purpose of it, as well as talk about anaphors and the use of humor :) 


For paper 2 I chose question 2 I believe - it was something about the attitudes of a society being reflected in a literary work and they basically asked you to discuss it. I had chosen Bröderna Lejonhjärta and Oliver Twist to focus on before the exam, with the HL extra book being Män som hatar kvinnor. Oliver Twist was absolutely perfect for the question as the whole point of the novel is to criticize a 1830's London, whereas I half way through the essay realized Bröderna Lejonhjärta might be a bit tricky as the "society" lives in Nangijala and not in Sweden. Although I just used criterion C here and spoke about what happened in Sweden at the time (1970) so I should be okay. I actually chose between your question and mine, and I agree that the questions were good. Hopefully I'll get a good grade :) how do you think you did? 

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