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How Likely to Get IB Diploma

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Hello All,


I am a ib diploma candidate who wants to get the diploma in order to get UC 30 units of credit. However, I am somebody who gets paranoid after the tests and wanted to see if getting the IB diploma is possible along with some questions. 


Courses: IB Bio Sl, IB Math SL , IB Anthro SL, IB English HL, IB History HL , IB Spanish HL


Test Scores; I Got a 7 on the IB Bio SL last year, and I got an A on my EE and TOK essay and presentation in class. 



IB English HL: A on the IOP, A on the IOC, and 100% on the world lit paper, however I am afraid that my coordinator might have sent the wrong version of the essay and I will not know for sure. I am confident I did well on both papers.


IB Math SL: I am predicted to get a 7,however I am afraid I might make little mistakes or not do as well. I got 20/20 on the IA which is 20% of the test.


IB Spanish HL: My teacher did not prepare us for the paper 1 or 2. I am going into paper 2 without any preparation, but I did get an A on the IO IA and an A on the External writing assignment, which together constitutes 50% of the test. Does writing in the box but not on the line still get read by  graders?


IB Hisotry HL: This one is going to be hard. I got a low 7 on the IA which is 20%, but paper 1 maybe on a topic we did not cover so well, and paper 3 is material from last year, I am studying a lot for this one and hopefully will try to get a 4 or more, my teacher believes I will do well as I have been getting 6 and 7s on the practice paper 2s.


IB Anthro SL: 7 on the IA and have been doing well on practice papers.



My main concerns are little mistakes like forgetting to write my name or reversing the order of the booklets. Also, I am afraid something might not be read. Any advice? Any tips on the tests? Any ideas on how likely it is I can get the diploma. Thank you in advance. I just need a 30+ and already have a 7 from Bio.




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If credit is what you want in school, then you have to know that most schools only take HL classes. It's good you got 7s, but that's not good enough. Take it from me, 45outof45. You should consider bumping more of your classes up to the HL level. You only have 3 now so why not do 4 HL, even 5, maybe even 6 HL classes. There are no limits. I had some friends who got 7s on both the IOC, IOP, and IA for English, but ended with a 5 overall, so you can never be too sure. As for bio SL, it was one of the most difficult tests I ever took. So don't get too prepared for that. I won't comment too much on Spanish HL or Antrho SL, but even with a 7 on the IA, it's usually a bad sign when you do that well. I had friends just like you who failed to get their diploma even though they aced their IAs and now I only see them when I drive past McDonalds. I barely scraped by with my diploma with 45/45 but there were a lot of others who weren't as fortunate as me. 


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