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The rise of the data scientist

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Hello all,


As you may infer I am one of the ancient ones that have finished IB and multiple other higher educational challenges since. My primary current interest is in data science and analytics. It is perhaps a bit too early for you to know about where your careers will take you but it's not a bad idea to discuss a few options which may help you shape your own journey.


So what is data science? essentially it's a combination of knowing statistics, how to apply it to real life (commercial, economic, social etc.) problems, and having the computing skills to be able to extract, manipulate, and analyse data. I like to think of it as the combination of being an economist, statistician and IT person. Quite demanding eh? If only someone told me about this before I started Uni!


Why am I posting about this? It's an industry that's booming, and it doesn't necessarily require you to be a full time programmer. There are other functions you can operate in (such as being the person who communicates results to clients/ AKA the "consultant"). It's also an area where you can practice a lot of creativity, so if you're at a stage where you think math is all about following a process and getting 1 number, I am shattering your dreams and telling you that in reality that is not true!


How do I get all these skills at once? There are some very demanding Bachelor's degrees that will combine the 3 (I believe I heard of one in Lithuania). But employers will invest in you as long as you have the right fundamentals (you're numerical, and have people skills. There is often a trade off between having either or).


So what am I trying to say? Well if this is something that may be interesting to you, I hope this thread will help you make an informed decision when choosing your university course. Feel free to ask questions, I am in no way an expert yet as I am at the beginning of my career, but I'm certainly on the right track.




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I have a general question, is data science a science as in the physics kind of thing? Or is it more along the lines of making sales to people?

I didn't really understand what exactly data science means, so if you could clear that.

Thanks, and all the best in your career.


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Not really like physics, don't think of the term as a classification of the areas of knowledge from TOK. The term is used loosely here.


The "science" link behind it is the statistical theory you'd be using. You can read a more extensive description on wikipedia:



Some of the terminology will be alien to you! 

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