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IB Amharic A2/B?

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Hello everyone!


I'm currently a Junior and I'm going for the full IB Diploma next year. However as you all know you need to take the 2nd language test and pass it as part of the process. I'm planning on taking Amharic; which is my native language for the 2nd language test, however it is not offered by my School so I will have to study for it by my self. The problem is I haven't learned Amharic since I was in 3rd grade so my Literature skills are very limited. Especially for something as rigorous as an IB Literature test. SO i'm planning on taking either the IB Amharic B 


I have been looking around online for IB Amharic tests and I couldn't find any except for IB Literature tests SL and HL from the IB store. I will be really glad if anyone can help me by letting me know if such a thing as an IB Amharic A2 or IB Amharic B test exist. 

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Hey there! I was in a similar situation when I wanted to self study another language my school doesn't offer (Somali). Unfortunately, after looking extensively, I believe that neither of our languages are offered at the B levels because well, the demand to learn these languages as 2nd languages is near non existent when compared to other languages.


Also, 'A2' has now been replaced w/ Lang and Lit, which is oddly not available for Amharic and a few other languages. Now unless youre really determined to sacrifice everything for the course, I wouldn't recommend taking Amharic Lit self study lol 

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