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Kettering University - Double Degree Program - Which to do First?

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Hey guys! I'm going to be starting at Kettering University in October, and I plan to attempt the double degree program they have, with Computer Science (CS) and Computer Engineering (CE). Although I have a dilemma - which should I do first?
My co-op (required by my university) is totally fine with whatever I choose to do first. Basically, I'll complete the requirements for one degree first, then go on to do the rest from the middle of junior year to the end of fifth-senior year.
Any advice or whatnot is appreciated. :)

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It probably wouldn't even really matter which you did first since the fields have some overlap between them. You could argue that computer science first will give you an advantage because of the theoretical aspects of programming and algorithm development and understanding how software is designed. You could also argue that computer engineering first will give you an advantage because you'll be exposed to programming and electrical theory and how a computer works at its most basic fundamental levels. In the end you'll have both skill sets. It's more of a matter of preference which you'd rather start with.

Since both are relatively in-demand fields with lots of opportunities for internships and co-ops just pick whichever you like best to do first.

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