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University Noob Help!

Hey guys, so I'm going into my senior year and I've finally started to think about uni. However, there's alot of questions I have so I'm hoping you guys can help me.


First of all, how does co-op work? Do you have to apply to program that offers co-op from the start? How exactly does the process of being in a co-op program even work, what do you do? How do you get into one?


Also, what is the diffidence in types of degrees for some programs? I have seen a lot of programs with the same name (computer science) but some are bachelors of arts and some are bachelors of science, how exactly do the programs vary?


How does a program even work (stupid, I know)? Do you get to choose courses within a program or what!


And, now a specific question about the uni of york: What is the difference between business administration and business economics at york, and why do they have such difference grade requirements? does the fact that one bachelor of arts make a difference?


What do you do in a computer science program, learn how to code and stuff?


And lastly, and stupidest of all, what is a bachelor's degree.


I'm sorry for asking such basic questions but I'm really lost, any help would be appreciated!


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You are going to your senior year but you exams were in the past May???

You talk about these Bachelor or Arts or Bachelor of Sciences, they are degrees typically awarded to recognize taking a specific range or set of undergraduate courses. Although some universities offers non-degree diplomas, which are for people who did not or cannot fulfill all the complete requirements for a certain degree. Typically each degree consists of over 100 credits spread out over four years. Bachelor of Science students will study a more science-oriented undergraduate study, and so on.

Co-op programs are typically longer than 4 years, and for some "semesters", or "trimesters", the school will help you find a with-pay placement at a local studio/lab/company/station, depending on the program you are in. In this entire term, you do not show up to class (there is no class scheduled for you).

Programs are typically confined by the credit requirements in the bachelor you are working towards. So you have to get a certain number of credits in different disciplines before you can use electives. In many Canadian universities, the first year is not very divided (basically everyone takes the same course) and only in second year you declare your major (analogous to which bachelor you are working towards).

Coding ranges from making a small program or app, managing transactions over the Internet, providing massive storage, to strengthening security. Some of these specific questions you should email or call admissions offices at the respective schools.

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