HELP! IA chemistry Hl exploration topic ideas URGENT

Hello all,

I take chemistry HL and I need a topic for my chemistry IA new syllabus. I have suggested two ideas for my supervisor but he said they are not good. He said that the expire meant should deal with a broad topic and have qualitative data( the one with calculations) he emphasized on the point of the experiment having calculations. And he said it should relate in someway to daily life, it's good to do about food, water , cosmetics, detergins....

Any suggestions for topics????

The two topics he refused and said we're not good are:

1. The effect of temperature on the acidity of lemons

2. Something dealing with zinc half life

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u mean quantitative data right? Qualitative is looking at characteristics. 


Here's a list of ideas on hands on experiments from the chem teachers at my school: 


  • Removing tarnish from silver objects (redox reactions)

  • Aspirin: Syntheses using less common approaches like microwaves, purification by melting point and TLC, kinetics of the hydrolysis of aspirin to salicylic acid under various conditions

  • Synthesis of the Sweetener Dulcin from the Analgesic Tylenol (allows using  titration)

  • Thermal denaturation of proteins using UV light

  • Thermodynamics and kinetics of 'Heater Meals"

  • Investigating the kinetics of the bleaching of a dye using a colorimeter probe

  • Solidification techniques and materials

  • distribution constant of iodine between aqueous and non-aqueous systems

  • Investigating gases in water overheated in a microwave

  • investigating EDTA contents in shower cleaners

  • Investigating  the dependence of overvoltage on the composition of a metal surface at which hydrogen discharge occurs, bubbles' lifetime' and IMF

  • Low rank coal swelling with different solvents

  • Pharmaceuticals from plants

  • Investigating fluorescence using turmeric, B complex vitamins, minerals, household items.

  • Iodine numbers of palm oil as compared to other cooking oils.

  • An expansion of the determination of manganese in a paper clip.

  • Effectiveness of different  salts on road snow removal.

  • In-depth kinetics investigation into a specific investigation.

  • Transition metal ions (effects of metals, ligands, oxidation states on the colour of the ion)

  • Natural indicators (sources, stability, Ka values, end point range)

  • Extraction of oil from spices (using different sources of spices, different storage conditions)

  • Effectiveness of different water purification methods on dissolved ions.

  • Melting points of group 2 metals and the different types of crystal lattice.

  • The amount of nitrogen in fertilizers (reacting with excess NaOH and titrating with standard HCl)

  • Thermodynamic data for ionic compounds (Ksp, can be calculated by gravimetric determination, The enthalpy of solution)

  • The use of different fruits to chelate heavy metals (eg cadmium) from polluted water sources.

  • The effect of temperature on vitamin C content in red pepper juice.

  • Determination of residual chlorine concentration vs distance from water treatment plant

  • The determination of the activation energy in a reaction by examining the relationship between temperature and the rate constant of said reaction.

  • The effect of cooking method on Vitamin C content

  • Henna as an effective indicator

  • Free caffeine in coffee vs various teas

  • Effect of roasting on caffeine content of coffee

  • Ca content of lentils

  • Change of [Fe] in avocados as they ripen
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As someone who discovered their approved experiment wasn't going to work at all, I suggest modifying the topics you have to work for the IB if you can. If you've already done research and know a lot about the topic, re-doing all of that research is going to take a lot of time. Instead, build on what you already have!

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On 26/06/2015 at 0:38 AM, ShootingStar16 said:

Investigating fluorescence using turmeric, B complex vitamins, minerals, household items.

hi would you mind elaborating on this please 

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