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Saving up for University?

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Hi, so I'm going into grade 12 and I want to go to university out of province. I have a part time job and so far, I've saved up a bit over 2K :P I'll have AT LEAST 5Kish saved up by the time I go to university. I'm also taking out student loans and the universities I am applying to have some really nice scholarships and some of them are just based on marks. Do you think that'll be enough? Because I REALLY want to go to uni out of province and my parents probably aren't helping much with that. What is a good amount roughly if you're going out of province? I'm planning on cutting costs I can control such as the cost of textbooks (I can hunt for cheaper ones on Amazon and buy secondhand) and cut the money I will spend on clothes as well. 


Ik this is very vague but any advice is much appreciated. Thanks :)

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Firstly, so much respect for you, there are many people (including me!) who solely depend on their parents when it comes to university.


Umm, honestly I'm not familiar with universities located in Canada but websites such as http://www.topuniversities.com/where-to-study/north-america/canada/guide#tab=2 might help you find our about tuition fees and living costs of certain universities.


I would advise to not worry too much because worrying about economic issues may be detrimental to ib life!!


Hope this helped!!

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I think this will be enough especially as you plan to save more money. And cutting money also brings you good money. I also cut my expenses earlier, saved on food, clothes, and shoes and collected a large amount. Cutting the money helped me make my dream a reality. Sometimes if I face financial emergencies and I need money urgently, I use professional help to solve the problem in time. You have a dream to go to university out of province, so everything will work out.

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