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Making a video game

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Hey guys, 


I was just pondering over what activity I could do for my cas, and I stumbled upon a thought (I hope this hasn't been discussed already :P).


Can I MAKE a video game for cas?


At first I told myself there was no way, but when I thought about it, it actually occurred to me that it might just work. Creativity would be writing the script and making and designing characters, I cant think of an action example, and service could be donating some, if not all, of the proceedings to charity.


Any thoughts on this?


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it would count for creative but neither action nor service

service cant be simply donating but some productive activity like teaching children at an orphanage or habitat for humanity

action is doing a sport, simple as that

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   Creating a Video game sounds like it would work as a thing to get CAS Hours. It would definitely fit in with the Creativity Hours. (Not sure about Service and Action though)

Good Luck with IB, My Friend. 8-)

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