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Well, for any Business and Management IA it is recommended to conduct both PEST and SWOT analyses. So, in your case it might be a good idea to look how external and internal factors in both SWOT and PEST analyses affect the labour, its productivity, motivation and etc. Depending on your topic, you might want to have a look at motivational models such as Maslow's pyramid, Mayo's Theory, Herzberg's theory, Adam's equity theory and many more. Also I think it is worth considering leadership theories as well.


To be honest it all depends on your research question that you are trying to find an answer to but here is the list of some tools that more or less widely used in IAs: 

  • Boston Matrix to identify the position of the product in regard to your competitors looking at two criteria: market share and market growth 
  • Ansoff Matrix to identify what is the best marketing strategy by looking at market and the product. So, if you will be suggesting to implement a marketing strategy, you might use this tool
  • Product Positioning Map to identify the position of the product in regard to your competitors looking at two criteria: quality and price
  • Porters' Five Forces to analyze the level of competition within an industry and business strategy development

At some point you might want to build a decision tree if you are, for example, looking at marketing strategies and deciding which to go for.


Since you want to do marketing as well, what about looking at marketing mix? You might analyze 4P (product, price, place and promotion) or even 7P and discuss what are the drawbacks and advantages of the marketing mix in your company. In addition to that, you might want to make suggestion regarding it and explain what it will change within the organisation.


Overall, it is recommended to use 3 - 4 tools and it is important to not overburden your IA. Remember that you have to present your findings, discuss and analyze them and then make a conclusion while you do not have a very big word limit. So, it is better to use several tools and then make a deeper analysis into your findings.


Good luck!

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