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Making a Final Decision about my EE Topic

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Hello everyone! 

I am currently struggling between two disciplines and topics for my extended essay. 

1) WORLD STUDIES: examining the effect of conflict between religion in a certain world issue (syria/palestine, I have yet to decide about that)

2) PSYCHOLOGY: how dreams affect our realities OR something that circles around sexual orientation (fluidity, identity) OR something about how pscyhopaths become psychopaths through nature/nurture


I'm just very stuck and frustratingly indecisive, there is so much to research for both of them. What do you think would be the "better" one? 

Thank you so much. 

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I totally know how you feel right now. Based off of your listed topic interests, I think the psychology topic about sexual orientation is interesting. You could research and explain the large issues in society regarding sexual orientation, with people being homophobic and with some gay/lesbian/bi/etc orientated people who try forcing their sexuality on other people and with how, in some cases, people are just gay/bi/etc just because it's the current fad. If you do pick that, maybe just focus on our specific age group and how some people try to act gay/bi/etc as a result of being unsure of their own identity. I hope I've helped you and not possibly offended b/c this topic can be a very sensitive one.

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