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How to write IOP?

Hey guys, so I was just wondering how I should go about writing my IOP?


I have a book and a topic (haven't exactly got a thesis but I know what I'm talking about in it, plus I've got three weeks to do it so no stress), but I am not sure where to go from here. Is it possible that someone could send me a list of the things I am supposed to cover in it, and also some things that I shouldn't do? That would be great!


Also, I have a few questions; I am planning to be a little bit more creative than usual in mine, and I was wondering if I am allowed to have another person act out the character I am analysing while I am talking to them like a... I guess therapist kind of thing? I have in my head them saying the quotes of what the character says in the book, and me replying and analysing them. Is that all good? Also what is the maximum time I am allowed to take for it? And is there an introduction or something that I am meant to do before the presentation, or something afterwards? If so, does this get counted within in the time frame that I have, or will it be separate? 


Thanks so much :)

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