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University Offers 2009

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Moderator notice:

Please refrain from chatting and commenting in this thread. Let's try to keep the thread nice and clean so that it'll be easy for people to get an overview of what kinds of offers people have received. Thanks!

The thread for all us IBSers who have gotten offers to study in 2009. Post your offer with: the conditions, the predicted grades and the SAT scores (if you're applying to the US) you used to get an offer. I ask the PGs because students for 2010 can get a feel for their unis and see what unis require of them. If you haven't yet received your offers, you can post where you've applied and edit the post as the offers start rollin' in. -deissi

Predicted grades

Other qualifications (standardized test scores etc.)


University of York - Unconditional

Other countries:

New Zealand:

University of Auckland:

Bachelor of Commerce (Unconditional)

Based on M08 score of 30


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Predicted grades

SL: 7-7-6 (Swedish B SL, Mathematics SL, Physics SL) I already received my grade for Swedish.

HL: 7-7-7 (Finnish A1 HL, English A2 HL, Economics HL)

EE/TOK: A-B/C, 2-3 bonus points.

Total: 43-44 points and a bilingual diploma.

Other qualifications (standardized test scores etc.)

SATi: 610 CR, 660 Math, 630 Writing = 1900


University of Cambridge (Trinity Hall) - Land Economy (Environment, Law, Economics) - Unsuccessful after interview & pool

The London School of Economics and Political Science - Accounting and Finance - Unsuccessful

University of St. Andrews - Financial Economics - Conditional: 37 points

University of Warwick - Industrial Economics

University of Edinburgh - Economics and Accounting



Other countries:

Helsinki School of Economics - Economics

University of Helsinki - Law


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Predicted grades

SL: 7-7-6 (English A1 SL, Physics SL, Mathematics SL)

HL: 7-6-6 (History (of Europe) HL, Spanish B HL, Visual Arts HL)

EE/TOK: A-A, 3 bonus points.

Total: 42/45 points.

UK {UCAS Sent!}

University of Cambridge (Trinity Hall) - V100 History [interviewed and rejected]

Bristol University - V100 History Conditional - 37 points - 6 at all HL subjects

University of Warwick - V100 History Conditional - 36 points - 6 at History HL

University of York - V100 History Conditional - 37 points - 6 at History HL

UEA - V100 History Conditional - 33 points - 6 at History HL

Other countries:

University of Hong Kong

Bachelor of Arts - major in History


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Sent my applications few days ago. Now just gotta wait for the offers (except for Cambridge).

Predicted grades

Finnish A1 HL - 7

English A2 HL - 7

History HL - 7

Mathematics SL - 7

French B SL - 7

Physics SL - 6-7

EE/TOK - 2-3

Total: 43-45

The person writing my reference said that he doesn't give exact predicteds, but instead leaves some space, therefore the fluctuations in some predicteds.


University of Cambridge (Christ's College) - V100 History Conditional: 42 points, 7, 7, 7, HL

University of Durham (University College) - V100 History Conditional: 38 points

London School of Economics and Political Science - V146 International History Conditional 37 points, 6, 6, 6, HL

King's College London - V100 History Conditional: 38 points, 6, 6, 6 HL

University of Warwick - V100 History Rejected

Other countries:


Probably applying to Helsinki University.

Faculty of Humanities: History

Faculty of Political Sciences: Political History or Economic and Social History


I'm applying for deferred entry, since I'd like to complete my military service (obligatory here in Finland) before going to university. Cambridge obviously would be my first choice. For the others in UK it's harder to say, but Warwick is probably the least favourable. Durham and KCL are better ranked in History than LSE, but International History seems really interesting to me. In Finland I only have to apply in June, after I've already received my offers. There I'd have to take an entrance exam, which makes it a bit hard since I would only have like 1 or 2 weeks time to study for them, while people normally study for them for a month or two. But I guess I really start making decisions only after I've received offers (If I receive any) :yahoo:

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Predicted grades

Mathematics HL - 7

Economics HL - 7

Geography HL - 7

English A1 SL - 7

French A2 SL - 6-7

Physics SL - 7

EE/TOK - 2-3

Total: 43-45


University of Cambridge (King's College) - Mathematics

London School of Economics and Political Science - Mathematics and Economics

University College London - Mathematics with Economics

University of Warwick - MORSE (Mathematics, Operational Research, Statistics and Economics)

St. Andrews - Economics-Mathematics


Was planning on applying, but not so sure anymore :P

SAT: 780 Critical Reading, 780 Math, 690 Writing + SATII French 800, MathsIIc 780


Amazing how skewed all of these predicted grades have been compared to the world average. All 43+?

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Man oh man you've all got such high predicted grades.

I would have gotten a 38 based on my old IB scores, but since my school are being all "strict" about predicted grades and predicting you lower than what they expect you to get, I've managed to get

SL - 6,6,5 (Math SL, Bio, French B).

HL - 6,6,5 (Economics, English A1, History).

EE/TOK: 1-2 points

Total = 35-36

Now some of the teachers didn't give me a straight answer about predicted grades (like French and History, so hopefully I'm wrong and I do get a 6 in history). And that would boost me to a 37. I'm actually managing quite well in English (I got a 28/30 on my oral assessment and my world lit 2 is around 6-7 range. I don't know yet about world lit 1, but that's an unfair representation, don't you think?).


London School of Economics - International History

University of Leeds - Middle Eastern Studies and Politics - Conditional - 34, 16 points at Higher Level

University of Sheffield - Politics and International Relations - Conditional - 35, 5 in English

University of Kent - Politics and International Relations with a year in continental Europe Withdrawn - but probably would get accepted

University of Essex (that's if I screwed up all my IB exams) - Politics and International Relations with a year abroad Conditional - 29 points.

EDIT: I got a conditional offer from University of Sheffield today. =)

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Predicted grades

HL: 7/7/7 - English A2/French B/History of Europe

SL: 7/6/7 - Swedish A1/Chemistry/Maths (Methods)

EE/ToK: 2-3 points

Total: 43-44

Other qualifications (standardized test scores etc.)

Swedish courses: some 650 points with 20.0 as the average.


Aberdeen: French and Language and Linguistics (RQ11) - conditional on 28 overall; 14 at HL

Edinburgh: French and Linguistics (RQ11) - 34 overall; 555 at HL (accepted this one Firmly)

Leeds: French and Linguistics (QR11) - conditional on 34 overall; 16 at HL; 5 in French

Oxford (Balliol college): French and Linguistics (RQ11) - Required two French essays and an English essay to be sent in for the written work, and made me sit a French exam and a Linguistics Aptitude exam apart from the two interviews. Rejected after interview.

York: French and Linguistics (RQ11) - conditional on 32 overall; 6 in French HL

Other countries:

I might apply to Sweden depending on how my offers look when it comes closer to closing date (April 15). Or not! Offers look good enough.


I'm really nervous about Oxford, because there's so much extra work and I really, really want to get in. But I'm pretty certain all my choices would make me happy, so that's shiny!

EDIT: I have accepted my offer from Edinburgh firmly, and I'm fairly certain that I will fulfill the requirements, so if all goes according to plan that's where I'm heading this autumn. So if anyone has any Edinburgh-specific questions in the next few years you're welcome to ask me! :)

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Predicted grades

HL: 7, 6, 6, 5 (Psychology, Biology, History, English A1)

SL: 6, 5 (French Ab., Mathematics)

Tok/ EE: +2

Total: 37

Other qualifications (standardized test scores etc.)



(in order of preference)

University of St. Andrews- Biology/Psychology- Unconditional

University of Bristol- Psychology/Zoology- Conditional: 34 points, 6 in Psychology and Biology, 5 in English and History

Cardiff University- Psychology- Conditional:35 points without TOK/EE; 5 in mathematics and english

University of Bangor- Psychology/Neuropsychology- Conditional: 32 points

University of Reading- Psychology/Biology- Conditional: 6,6,7 at HL including Biology and Psychology, 5 in mathematics

Other countries:


University of Florida: accepted


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Predicted Grades:

They don't tell us, but I have straight A's in all of my classes, so they must be pretty good...

Recieved Grades:

6 in Psych

5 in Physics


CR: 720 M: 730 W:670


World Finalist Colorguard (23 hours a week year round)

founded an extremely active mural painting club

summer job at art camp 3 years in a row

ib student council

National Honor Society


Boston College

Still waiting for results:



College of William and Mary


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Predicted grades

SK: 7-7-6 (Swedish A1 SL, History SL, English A2 SL)

HL: 7-7-7 (Mathematics HL, Physics HL, Chemistry HL)

EE/TOK: A/B-A/B 2-3

Total: 43-44

Other qualifications (standardized test scores etc.)



Oxford University (St Hugh's) - Mathematics - 39 points in total with 7 in Mathematics HL

Durham University - Mathematics - acknowledged

University of St. Andrews - Mathematics - 37 points in total with 6 in Mathematics HL

The University of Nottingham - Mathematics - 38 points in total with 6 in Mathematics HL and 4 in English A2 SL

University of Edinburgh - Mathematics - 32 points in total with 6 in Mathematics HL, 5 in Physics HL, 5 in Chemistry HL and 4 in English A2 SL

Other countries:


Arranged my choices in order of prefference (not sure about the lower ones...). I was quite surprised by the high offer from Nottingham.

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Predicted grades

HL: 7, 7, 7, 7 (Maths, Physics, Economics, English B)

SL: 6-7, 7 (Finnish A1, French B)

TOK/EE: 2-3 points

Total: 43-45 points

Other qualifications (standardized test scores etc.)

SAT I: 640 CR, 720 Math, 650 Writing = 2010

SAT II: 790 Physics, 770 Math Level 2, 680 French

UK (Deferred entry 2010)

University of Oxford (Merton) - Economics & Management: 39 points

UCL - Economics: 38 points, HL666 (excluding Physics)

University of Warwick - MORSE: 38 points, 6 in Maths OR 36 points, 7 in Maths

University of Warwick - Economics: Pending

LSE - Economics: Unsuccessful



Comments: I was supposed to submit apps to Yale, Harvard, MIT, UPenn(Wharton) and Princeton, but chose not to apply due to running out of time. All my applications and offers are for deferred entry 2010 due to compulsory military service that I want to complete before going to study in the UK. I also asked Oxford if it's OK to drop Physics to SL since it's not relevant to E&M, even though I'm confident on getting the 7 at HL. They said it's up to me, so I dropped Physics to SL, as it is pointless for me to risk not getting 39 points just because I spent too much time studying Physics.

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University of Leeds- French and International Relations- Conditional with 34 points, 16 at HL, 5 in English HL, 5 in French HL

University of Nottingham- French and Politics- Conditional with 34 points, 5 in English HL, 5 in French HL

University of Aberdeen-French and International Relations- Conditional with 28 points, 14 at HL

University of Edinburgh- French and Politics- Unsuccessful

University of St Andrews- French and International Relations- Unsuccessful

I put Leeds and firm and Nottingham as insurance.

Edited by Vvi

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Predicted grades

Physics HL-7

Chemistry HL-7

Biology HL- 6

English SL-7

Maths SL-6

French ab initio-7

E.E/ToK- B/B

Total- 42/45


University College London: Biotechnology- conditional~ 36 points with (Biology)6, (Chemistry)6 and (Physics)5 at HL

Imperial College: Biotechnology~ rejected

Oxford Brookes University: Biotechnology- conditional~ 30 points

University of Edingburgh: Biotechnology- conditional~ 30 points with 5/5/5 in HL

Surrey University: Biotechnology- conditional~ 32 points

Other countries:

Singapore: (applied!)

National University of Singapore: Life sciences [with specialization in molecular and cell biology]

Nanyang Technological University: Biological sciences

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I'm an IB students from Malaysia, and University of Otago, New Zealand just offered me a placement.


38 - IB finals

- doesn't mention anything about 666 - for HL

- IELTS score also not accountable

- just have to go through interview

Course: - medicine

But then again, they offered me a placement under ISSP Program (International Student Special Program) - so, I don't know the qualification needed if you guys apply through other route. :innocent:

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Predicted grades

SL: 7-6-6 (Biology, Economics, French B)

HL: 7-7-6 (Chemistry, Math, English A1)

EE/TOK: A/B, 3 bonus points

Total: 42 points


University of Waterloo - Biomedical Sciences (Honors) - Accepted

Queen's University - Life Sciences - Offer

McMaster University - Health Sciences

McMaster University - Life Sciences - Offer

University of Ottawa - Biomedical Science (Honors) - Offer

University of Toronto - Life Sciences - Offer

University of Western Ontario - Biological and Medical Science - Offer

University of Guelph - Biomedical Sciences - Offer

I think I'll be going to Waterloo but not sure. Anyway, accepted their offer. ;)

Edited by Irene

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Predicted Grades:

Didn't recieve but my IBC says I have around 92-94% avg, so whatever that is in IB score.


University of British Columbia - Sciences - Offer

University of Waterloo - Life Sciences - Offer

University of Waterloo - Science and Business - Offer

University of Waterloo - Honors Science - Offer

University of Waterloo - Biotechnology and Economics - Pending

McGill University - Sciences - Pending

Edited by Shorty

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Predicted grades

HL: 7-7-6 (Psych-Econ-Bio)

SL: 7-7-7 (Maths-Eng-French)

EE/TOK: no idea but I'm hoping for 1-2 marks (didn't really spend much time on these)

Total: 42-43/45


University of Warwick - Economics

Durham University - Economics - Conditional (38 with 6 for SL Maths)

University of Nottingham - International Economics - Conditional (36 points)

University of Bath - Economics and International Development - Unsuccessful (I stupidly applied to a course that specifically required HL maths u__u;;)

University of York - Economics - Conditional (36 with 2 6s at HL)

Other countries:

HKU - International Business Global Management

HKUST - Global Business - just got an interview date!

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Predicteds are lower than expected due to a change of teachers between Grade 11 and 12... it's pretty 'meh'.


English A1 - 6

French B - 6

Geography - 6


Chemistry - 6

Math (not studies) - 6

Visual Arts - 7

TOK + EE - 3 extra

Total: 40/45

I should be getting a couple more 7s there but well; that's up to the discretion of the new teachers who wouldn't take into account what my old teachers said. Oh well, I guess we'll all just have to prove it for the real exams!


King's College (Law) - Conditional of 38 overall with 666 HL

UCL (Law) - Conditional of 38 overall

LSE - Unsuccessful

Queen Mary's - Conditional of 36 overall

Southampton - Conditional of 36 overall and 666 HL


Dartmouth College

Columbia University

Boston University

New York University

Wesleyan University

All still waiting for the US

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Well, I have refrained from posting here until I had all my uni results and here we go.

I am a mid range student in the US. I am in IB (obviously) and here is my general breakdown. Begin hard-core competitive analysis here.


*Young Republicans, 9-12 (Officer 9-10, VP 11-12) 2-6 hrs/wk due to various events (ie:election year)

- Lead & organize meetings, Handle all communication to members between meetings (updates about upcoming events, info, etc), Organize all volunteer activities (voter registration drives, troop collections, and campaigning), Organize bi-partisan debates to promote political activism in students

*International Thespian Societya (Drama) 9-12 Inducted Member 2-4 hrs/wk

- School Play Participant

- 'Superior' and 'Excellent' District Awards

*Habitat for Humanity 11-12 Club member 1-8 hrs/wk during job site weeks

*Best Buddies 9,10 Associate Buddy 2 hrs/wk

- attended meetings and visited during lunch wkly

*BETA Club 10-12 inducted member 1 hr/wk

-Service Project Participant

*National Honor Society 10-12 member 1 hr wk

-Tutor in math, biology, & Spanish

*National Hispanic Honor Society11-12 member 1 hr/wk

-Tutor, Service Project Participant

*Senior Women 12 member 1 hr/wk

-Service Project Participant

*Science National Honor Society 11-12 Member, 2-3 hr/wk

Service Project Participant

Community Service:

The Goddard School, Teacher's assistant, 50 hrs total.

Voter Registration Drive, registrar, 8 hrs total

The Caring Chefs, Dessert Prep Specialist, 35 hrs total

Nease HS, Teacher's Lab assistant, 10 hrs total

Haunted Hayride (9th and 10th), actor, director, and tech crew 25 hrs total

Nease HS, Textbook distributor, 50 hrs total

McCain/Palin Campaign, button maker and information distributor, 2-4 hrs weekly. I volunteer two hours a day after school 1-2 times a week.

Middle School, Teacher's Assistant within classroom and with drama productions, 5 hours weekly. I volunteer for Mr. Segal every weekday from 7:30 - 8:30 as a teacher aid and from 8:30 - 9:30 for my Exploratory Teaching class.

Work Experience:

Bonefish Grill: Hostess; August 2008-Present; 19 hrs weekly

I provide guests with an excellent first and last impression. I organize restaurant seating, manage all "to go" orders, phone calls, and bus tables.

*(Omitted 9-10th Grade Summer Employment, and 10th-11th School and Summer Employment.)


SAT Scores: 1330/1600, 1960/2400

ACT Score: 30

Unweighted GPA: 3.62 (4.00 Possible)

Weighted GPA: 4.32 (5.0 for IB/APs, 4.5 for Honors/Pre-IB/Pre-APs)

Predicted Grades: Sorry, I don't get them. They are pretty much useless in the States...


University of Florida: Accepted

University of Georgia: Accepted

Clemson University: Accepted

Pennsylvania State University: Accepted

Florida State University: Accepted

University of Miami: Accepted

Actual Plans: I plan to attend the UF, and get my undergrad in Nursing. From that point I would like to transition into medical law. If not, I might consider either the sales or research/development of pharmaceutical drugs. Who knows, I might even find Nursing fulfilling on its own and decide to specialize and pursue it as a lifelong career.

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SL: 7-6-5

HL: 7-6-6


Total: 40/45


99. University College London - Some combo of P, P, E - Accepted

99. University of Warwick - PPE - Rejected

99. Durham University - PPE - Accepted

99. University of Bristol - Some combo of P, P, E - Accepted

99. University of St. Andrews - Some combo of P, P, E - Accepted


1. Brown University - Rejected

1. Cornell University - College of Architecture, Art and Planning - Rejected

2. Harvard College - Rejected

1. Amherst College - Rejected

2. Williams College - Rejected

2. Wellesley College - Waitlisted

2. RISD - Illustration - Rejected

3. Colgate University - Accepted

99. Georgetown University - Georgetown College - Waitlisted

99. University of Chicago - Rejected


99. McGill University - Accepted

99. Queen's University - Accepted

99. University of Toronto - Trinity College - Accepted


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